Youth community

Ukrainian Youth Community for the better future

Age target age: 13-21


Our vision

is to create an inclusive environment and safe space that nurtures friendship and creative learning. We aim to empower Ukrainian youth to gain strength, develop a sense of empowerment, and build mental and emotional resilience, both collectively and as individuals.

Our mission

is to reduce social isolation and promote opportunities for the development, empowerment, and mental & emotional well-being of Ukrainian youth. Our approach is underpinned by collaboration, creativity, and community-building. We encourage young people to take leadership roles and ownership of the activities.

Our activities include:

  • Funding for projects
  • Board games evenings
  • Creative workshops: improvisation and theatre, design, etc.
  • Movie evenings
  • Debate clubs and speaking clubs
  • Opportunities for youth
  • Mentorship programs
  • Summer camps
  • Promotion of Ukrainian culture
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