History, Mission & Vision

HISTORY, Mission, Vision and values

Bevar Ukraine is an independent Danish humanitarian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine and to support refugees. The organization works to combat poverty and strengthen civil society. Bevar Ukraine supports the UN's global goals for sustainable development.

Bevar Ukraine was founded in 2014 by Ukrainians living in Denmark when the conflict originally started. The focus was to send emergency aid to the eastern parts of Ukraine, primarily to hospitals and orphanages. The organization grew explosively when the war broke out in earnest on 24 February 2022 and is today an important humanitarian non-profit organization that provides life-saving aid. 


Bevar Ukraine exists to improve living conditions for vulnerable Ukrainians. The purpose is to support the development of civil society and to solve temporary social and economic problems. Save Ukraine provides humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, including assistance to internally displaced persons, hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, orphans and the disabled. We work for poverty alleviation, the right to humanitarian aid and the strengthening of civil society.

Bevar Ukraine deals with the transport of medical equipment, school equipment, clothing, food and other humanitarian aid to vulnerable institutions and individuals.

Aid for self-help: We emphasize the right of the Ukrainian civilian population to receive humanitarian aid. Where possible, we always provide help for self-help.Partnership: Our strength lies in our partnerships in both Denmark and Ukraine, which ensure that we work together with skilled people and make our resource decisions on an informed basis.Transparency: Bevar Ukraine places importance on being a trustworthy partner to our partners and donors. This means that we prioritize transparency and financial management where all funds go to humanitarian aid.
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