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Winter holiday camp 2024

The winter holiday camp is a trip to Norway for Ukrainian refugee children aged 8-13 who live in Denmark. The trip is held in week 10, 2024 and goes to Trysil, which is one of the largest ski areas in Norway.

The purpose of this trip is to give the children a respite from everyday life and positive experiences through the community with other children and skiing in the Norwegian mountains. The idea is to give children self-confidence and experiences of success through learning to ski. A small group of Danish children also participates in the camp, and a further objective of the project is to create a network between Danish and Ukrainian children.


The tour is organized by a group of volunteers with extensive experience in making this type of project. The group consists of trained and experienced ski instructors, doctors, and child specialists and we have many years of experience in creating holiday camps for vulnerable children with special needs.

The project is financed by donations from private individuals, companies and foundations. You are welcome to support the project. Feel free to contact us.

We also need alpine ski equipment in children’s sizes (8-13 years). If you have used, but functional, ski equipment lying around that you would like to donate to the project, please contact us. More precisely, we are interested in alpine skis in the length 110-140 cm, boots in sizes 35-43 and helmets in children’s sizes. The children do not use ski poles. We are also happy to receive functional and good children’s ski clothing.

Who are we?

The winter holiday camp has its roots in the Red Cross of Youth (URK), where it was started in 2006 by the group of volunteers who now run it for Bevar Ukraine. We have completed 13 trips with Danish children and refugee children in the period 2006-2022 and built up a great deal of experience in how to make a holiday camp on skis in the Norwegian mountains in a safe, secure and inclusive way for a group of children with special needs.

Here is a picture of the leader team taken on one of the trips with URK ⇨

Contact us if you have questions, want to support the project or want to become a volunteer. We already have the team in place for the 2024 tour, but we are always interested in hearing from people who want to join. We emphasize skiing experience (and preferably ski instructor training) and experience with children with special needs. We obtain child certificates for all volunteers on the trip.



Andreas Rasmussen

Logistics manager and ski instructor

Ditte Molin

Camp leader

Stephanie de Fontenay

Camp leader and financial officer

Jakob Bendsen

Camp leader, ski instructor, funding responsible and responsible for ski equipment.

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