Join the “Warm Ukraine” charity meeting auction

On 7th of December 2022, a charity initiative “Warm Ukraine” by “Bevar Ukraine” fund in Denmark. The project provides that anyone can support Ukraine by initiating or buying a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and other remarkable people from Denmark and abroad. 

At such meetings, the winners will build their network, receive new acquaintances, consultations or services in either online or offline format.

“The initiative is to warm people in Ukraine who are freezing due to problems with energy sources and damaged buildings by purchasing necessary things with the collected funds,” says Mariia Kolesnyk, the initiator of the action and head of the NGO “Academy of Modern Politics”.

Every several days, meetings with CEOs, politicians, scientists, engineers, specialists in marketing, IT, agriculture, creative and other people will be published in the specified group.

“I consider this initiative as very useful for Ukrainians because it helps to stimulate their networking in Danish society and strengthen their development as a part of the effective and useful community in Denmark”, says Andrii Kuzmin, the head of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark.

The starting bid for each meeting is 250 DKK and the raising step is 20 DKK. 

The auction is opened by deep tech innovation leader Dr.Maksym Plahotnyuk, the CEO&Founder of the ATLANT 3D Nanosystems based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This company cooperates with NASA and helps with innovative 3D printers in testing and creating new materials and devices with atomic precision 0,1-300mm in size for over 10 industries.

Maksym has a PhD degree in Nanotechnology and extensive experience in entrepreneurship, startups, fundraising, innovation and building international teams, intellectual property and making scientific discoveries. He is a Fulbright Scholar, Forbes Technology Council Member and a proud Ukrainian.

The next charity meeting will be offered by Kristina Vydoinyk, an organizer of multiple charity projects and facilitator of business initiatives for Danish-Ukrainian collaboration, also a wife to the Ambassador of the Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark, Mykhailo Vydoinyk. 

Follow the link to know all terms about your participation.


Mariia Kolesnyk 


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